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Vitamix VitaPrep3

Vitamix VitaPrep3 Review – Look no further if you’re looking for a high performance blender for business or for busy home kitchen. But why VitaPrep3? There are other blenders that are just as powerful.

Why choose Vitamix VitaPrep3?
Any blender can do vegetable fruit smoothies but what makes the VitaPrep3 stand out is VitaPrep3 is trusted by professional chefs all over the world.

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Here are some points to consider:

1. It’s designed to endure the demands of a chef and busy kitchen.
The motor has a peak output of 3 HP, you can maximize this blender on a variety of ingredients: from ice and whole foods to the toughest of vegetables. More importantly, this capacity means you can use the blender to grind, chop, blend, or puree ingredients for an extended period of time without worrying about using it too much to the point of overheating. Normal blenders come with 1000-1500 watts of power, so imagine what doubling that can accomplish.

2. It includes a tamper tool that can blend thick mixtures.
With other blenders, you have to stop the machine to make sure that thick mixtures are blended well and that there are no air pockets. While other blenders simply don’t do well on thick ingredients, the VitaPrep3 solves this through a tamper, which allows you to push ingredients down to the blade without necessarily coming into contact with the blade itself.

3. The switches and controls make this machine very easy to use even for newbies.
The speed control knob and accelerator toggle ensure that you get the right texture for your blends. The dial is manually-operated as well, so you can easily control the speed down to the precision of the texture that you need. It has a removable lid plug, easily add ingredients while still blending.




Other reviews of VitaPrep3
Vitamix products are generally highly rated and customers who own a VitaPrep3 found is worth the price they paid. Restaurant owners and chefs praise the durability, which they use and abuse every single day. The blender can do salsa, pesto sauce, vegetable soups and purees, ground meat, and alot others without having to replace the blade, as the VitaPrep is built to last.

Easy to use. Dishwasher-safe too. The design of the switch and control is simply easy to use for anyone.

Don’t let the price scare you off. This is priced higher than normal blenders, ideal for any commercial kitchen. You don’t really need to spend all that money on a 3-hp blender if you’re not going to maximize its use anyway. Because price is a very important variable in any purchase decision, there are those who think this blender is a little too expensive for home use.

There’s no questioning the efficiency of the Vita Prep 3, but the question of whether this product is for you depends on (1) how much you’re willing to spend on a blender and (2) how often you’ll be using it.

The price of the Vita Prep 3 is very prohibitive and not a lot of people are willing to spend that much money on a blender they can use in the home. But if you’re want the best machine, then by all means, go ahead and go for this model. At the very least it will assure you of wonderful results every time you use it. And having this blender on your countertop will certainly make your kitchen more stylish and modern.

How often you’ll use your blender? If you’re just going to use it occasionally then why spend so much for something you’ll rarely use?

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The Vitamix Prep 3’s 3-hp motor makes it an ideal blender for commercial use because it can withstand the workload easily. So if you’re chef, a coffee shop owner, caterer, or a restaurateur, then this blender may just be what you need. Vitamix Prep3 can make many of your tasks in the kitchen a lot easier and also simpler.

Voltage: 220v
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Product Weight: 12.2lbs
Dimensions: 20.3″ x 8.0″ x 9.0″ (H x W x D)
Warranty: 3 years
Color: Black motor base

From chopping delicate ingredients to blending tough purées, the Vita-Prep® 3 is the ideal tool for supporting the demands of high-volume kitchens and processing difficult, back-to-back blends.

≈3-HP Motor
Our newly-designed motor features improved thermal capabilities, providing the power and dependability required in the most demanding commercial kitchens.

Manual Controls
Variable Speed Control delivers a full range of precise textures, and the Start/Stop switch automatically returns to a neutral position, helping to prevent unintentional start-ups.

Advanced Cooling Fan
The advanced cooling fan provides optimum reliability during peak hours of operation.

An included Tamper provides the flexibility to blend thick and frozen mixtures without stopping the machine.

Durable Container
Our durable BPA-free 64-ounce high-impact container comes with a removable lid plug, making it easy to add ingredients while blending.


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