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Low Speed, Horizontal Juicers

Juice fruits, veggies, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. Want to make more than juice? Look for our Nutrition Systems. These multi-purpose juicers include the attachments needed to make nut milks, nut butters, all-natural baby food, fruit sorbets, extrude pasta, & more!


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Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

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The World’s Best Performing & Most Reliable Low Speed Juicing Solutions.

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MM900 Omega Juicer

Omega MM900 Horizontal Juicer certainly the BEST CHOICE machine for your Home kitchen. High performance juicer that does not sacrifice on quality, versatility & durability while providing exceptional joy of use.

If you’re looking for a Top Performance Juicer that will not fail you, keep making healthy juices, look no further.


Precision Extraction optimized for Celery, providing maximum extraction by squeezing Celery for longer, more juice less waste. Juicing Tip- Keep you celery stalks whole and long to feed through the chute rather than cutting into small pieces when juicing.

Using a low speed of 80 RPMs results in minimal heat buildup and oxidation promoting healthy enzymes. Omega Juicers are designed to last for a long time using quality parts and materials. The MM900 is a perfect model with a powerful motor to knead, grind and making cold press juices with practically any fruit or vegetable. The MM900 also comes also comes with the popular end nozzles that allow you to turn your juicer into a food processor which will make items such as nut butter, grinds coffee, garlic, nut milks, soy milk, baby food, frozen desserts, rice noodles, pasta, and many other healthy ideas. Omega horizontal juicer is great all rounder for juicing leafy greens and celery. The Omega MM900 is a all-rounder that has wonderful feedback from users across the world. It will allow you to be creative in the kitchen and offer the gift of easy to absorb nutrients to those important to you.

Triple Stage masticating extraction. Extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste and juice from minimum amounts of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheat grass. High juice yield saves money on your grocery bill.

Includes an adjustable celery end cap attachment for maximum celery juice output and extraction. Also includes the standard adjustable end cap for juicing other produce. 3 adjustable pressure settings on each.

A 5 Star Best Selling Juicer Year after Year
The Omega MM900 Cold Pressed Juicer has consistently been a best seller. This machine has good review, it’s owned by thousands all looking to improve their health one day at a time.

Juicer that Won’t Wake Up the House
Due to its slow speed of operation Omega juicer is almost silent in operation meaning you don’t have the worry of disturbing others in your home or the neighbors each time you turn the machine on.

Omega juicer has extremely strong parts
These are key for slow juicers. Many other models on the market have drawn complaints due to ease of damage to vital parts whilst in use. After years of customer feedback only the strongest materials are used in the manufacture of these industrial strength machines.

Are the parts in the Omega MM900 BPA Free?
You can remain assured that all parts are 100% BPA Free.

Can it juice leafy greens?
Yes. All horizontal Omega Juicers are fantastic with produce that helps create those perfect Green Juices. It’s also fabulous for Celery, Beetroot, Carrots, Apple and so much more.

How is the Juice consistency?
There are not many other juicers in the world that have the ability to make such wonderfully smooth juices. Omega Juicers have been around since the 80s, consider all that customer feedback that has allowed them to refine their product offering year after year. Only the machines that have delighted users are on sale today. The MM900 comes with an attachment that increases or decreases pressure inside your juicer meaning you can be rest assured that this machine will squeeze huge amounts of juice out of your produce.

Can I make other Raw Food Recipes?
Yes you can. The juicer comes with an a simple attachment that allows you to make other tasty Raw Food recipes such as Nut Butters, Baby Foods, Frozen Deserts, Pasta, Rice Noodles and more.  You will receive a manual that gives you a guide and there are many more ideas on YouTube.

Is the Juicer easy to clean?
Simply put, yes it is. We suggest cleaning it immediately after you are finished using the juicer. That stops any food from sticking to the parts.

Quiet but powerful motor with gear reduction equivalent of 2 HP motor

Low Speed features include:
– high yield and dry pulp
– can easily process wheat grass, celery or other fibrous or hard ingredients
– an automatic pulp output function ensures continuous juicing
– solid: heavy constructions and four support legs
– quiet operation
– easy to assemble, operate and clean
– built-in handle
– single auger low rotational speed of 80 RPM
– easy to clean & dismantle

Warranty: 3 years

What are included inside your Juicer Box?
– 1 x Juicing screen
– 1 x Mincing / Blending screen
– 1 x cleaning brush
– 1 x plunger
– 1 x Juice collection bowl (950ml)
– 1 x Pulp Collection Bowl (950ml)
– 1 x Ultem Auger
– 1 x Juicing Sieve
– 1 x Adjustable end cap with pulp adjustment nozzle
– 1 x Manual

Special Celery Adjustable End Cap with Green Insert – Your juicer comes with a special adjustable end cap that is to be every time you juice your celery – it is NOT meant to juice any other fruit or vegetable.

The green insert squeezes every bit of juice out of your celery so you get more juice in every batch.

Fruit & Vegetable End Cap – The second adjustable end cap you receive is for juicing all other fruits and vegetables.


“Everyone always asks me what juicer I use — and this is it… It’s the best juicer I’ve seen on the market… There’s not another juicer on the market that can extract the juice out of celery like this one does…”
–Anthony William, The Medical Medium

What an OMEGA Horizontal Juicer Can Do For You

These Are Not All. You’d Be Amazed When You Own An Omega Juicer

Explore All The Amazing Things You Can Make
With Every Omega Juicer!

First Class Juicing Machines For Your Kitchen & Business.

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

Celery Juice

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Ice-Cream

Leafy Green

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Nut Butter

Nut Milk

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Baby Food

Wheatgrass Juice

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

Nut Butters and Milks

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

Grind Coffee Beans

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

Frozen Desserts

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

Mince Herds and Garlic

Why Choose Omega Juicer?

There are many ways an Omega Juicer will help you become healthier.

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

Higher Nutritional Value

Masticating juicers like the Omega J8006HDS use a gentle combination of high power + low speed, exposing the foods to less oxygen which preserves enzyme and nutrient strength and yields higher nutritional value overall.

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

Improve Gut Health

Trillions of bacteria live in your digestive tract and play an important role in health. A healthful plant-based diet improves the health and diversity of your gut microbes, preventing and treating conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and inflammation associated with autoimmune diseases.

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

Promote Weight Loss

Revitalizing nutrients straight from nature can be the answer to having more energy, feeling better, reducing cravings and have shown to help support healthy weight loss! Feeding your body the nutrients it craves can help reduce binging on high fat high sugar foods, helping you lose weight and stay healthy.

Blender Singapore, Vitamix Blender Makes Smoothies

Reduce Cravings

If you‘re feeling sluggish, irritable, or not like yourself, too much added sugar could be to blame. Feeding your body the nutrients it craves can help reduce binging on high fat high sugar foods, helping you lose weight and stay healthy.


Trusted Brand In High Performance Juicing Technology For Your Kitchen.

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Wonderful juicer! Since i got it i have juiced almost every day. The pulp produced is very dry indicating the maximum amount of juice was extracted. Quick and easy clean up! I used to avoid juicing bc i dreaded the tedious cleanup but this machine really makes it simple. The only screen to scrub is quite small and the stiff brush tool that comes with it makes it easy. The juice stays fresh longer than with the high speed juicers too. So glad i switched from the centrifugal juicer to this slow juicer!

A Happy Customer

I love this juicer. It really does the job extracting as much juice as possible, I bought it to replace a centrifugal juicer and it extracts significantly more juice, the pulp is practically dry. I didn’t realize when I bought it that it has attachments for making pasta, nut milks and nut butters. I haven’t used it for that yet but I plan to. I highly recommend this juicer, I honestly couldn’t be more pleased.

A Happy Customer

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